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Welcome to the official web page of the Christian Conservative Movement and American Democracy conference. The goal of this site is to provide the participants of this conference with practical information regarding the conference, as well as a place to read each other's work, share ideas, and contribute to the interesting and important discourse at hand. We also wish to extend a warm welcome to any other visitors who are interested in the variety of areas our conference participants are writing about; and while the conference is restricted (because of seating) to the invited participants, the website is designed to be accesible to anyone interested in this discourse.


Conference Date: April 27-29, 2007

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Conference Purpose:

The central integrating theme of the conference will be an assessment of the contributions of Christian conservatives to American society and democracy – and, simultaneously, the potential tensions between Christian conservatives and American democracy.   All important dimensions of the complex issues bearing on the “values question” will be brought together, because it is only in this way that a more complete perspective can be gained on the issues.  These topics include: the cultural sensibilities and organizational forms sustained by conservative Protestantism: the sense of victimization experienced by many conservative Christians in a largely secular culture: the reasons for the growing strength of Christian conservatives as a political constituency: their varying success in influencing secular social institutions: and, finally, the condition of alternative moral values traditions in American life, and the reasons for their relative quiescence in the face of the challenge presented by the Christian conservative movement.